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Newport Bridge

"In the end ...

We will conserve only what we love;

We will love only what we understand;

And we will understand only what we

    are taught."


                                 (Baba Dioum, 1968)


Preserving tomorrow ... today.

Newport Environmental was created to assist the regulated community in achieving its business objectives, while maintaining compliance with the myriad of laws, regulations, permitting, and / or other regulatory requirements.  At Newport Environmental, we take pride in our work and in the many relationships we have developed with both federal and state regulatory agencies and the regulated community as the result of our many years of experience.  Our team is comprised of business professionals, innovators and scientists dedicated to bringing our clients unique solutions consistent with the client’s needs.  By assembling the appropriate team of environmental professionals and subcontractors on a project-specific basis, we ensure that our client’s objectives are met. 


Our primary areas of expertise include evaluation of contaminated or potentially contaminated properties, remediation of oil and / or hazardous material releases (where necessary), and consultation services related to compliance with environmental regulations, permitting requirements and waste management.  Whether your challenge is stormwater, wetlands, groundwater, soil, soil gas, indoor air, facility emissions, solid and / or hazardous waste management, construction management or remediation and /or risk characterization of oil or hazardous material releases, we are prepared to fulfill your environmental needs.  


We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in meeting your business objectives and to becoming loyal members of your project team.





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